What Our Members Say

Vitaliy has been my coach for 12 years. I was a beginner when I started with him, and I lost every bout I fenced in the first few tournaments I entered. Today my fencing credentials include winning the U.S. National Championship in 2011 in my category, being a Bronze Medalist in the World Championships in 2011, repeating as a Bronze Medalist in the World Championships in 2012, and winning three of the last six national tournaments I have fenced in. Vitaliy can take you from where you are now, from beginner to expert, to the medal podium. Vitaliy approaches fencing with an intensity that inspires progress for the serious competitive fencer, while making it fun for the casual fencers, new folks, and young people.
David Seuss
I had the absolute pleasure of having Vitaliy as my coach for the last year. Within 8 months of instruction from coach Nazarenko, I went from coming in last place at an E and Under tournament with only 10 contestants, to coming in 1st place at a D and Under tournament with over 30 contestants. He is the best saber coach in town and if you are at all interested in fencing, he's the one to teach it to you.
Charles Davis
I fenced for three years in high school and two years in college before joining Fencing Academy of Boston. Working with Coach Nazarenko improved both my physical and mental understanding of the sport of fencing more than all five of those years combined. One week after my very first lesson, I won my first tournament. I now take lessons weekly.
Dave Kaminsky
Under Vitaliy’s guidance, I have been a National Medalist 8 times. He is an inspiring, charismatic coach with great technical expertise. When one studies under Vitaliy, one is guided in all aspects of fencing, both physical and mental. He is positive and supportive, yet demands the most of his students. Whether one is a complete beginner or ranked as an A, Vitaliy can provide what you need to progress in an enjoyable manner.
Don Melchior