FAB COVID-19 Policies

The following policies align with the recommendations given by USA Fencing, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the Center for Disease Control. Fencing Academy of Boston takes seriously our commitment to reduce the spread of Coronavirus and requires adherence to the following policies by all staff and visitors to our club.

Open with Restrictions as follows:

  1. No fencer, staff, or other visitor experiencing COVID-19 symptoms may enter or stay in the facility. If you are experiencing symptoms or have been in contact with any infected persons, please stay home. Anyone entering FAB, including staff, will be asked if they are experiencing any symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, among other symptoms), or have been in contact with any infected persons, and will have their temperature taken with a no-contact thermometer. Any person who answers yes or who has a temperature above 100ºF will be asked to leave.
  2. Surgical, kN95, or protective cloth masks must be worn over nose and mouth upon entering FAB and may not be taken off inside the club. Fencers in lessons or bouting must wear a face covering under their fencing mask. Mask and water breaks may only be taken outside, as needed.
  3. To aid in contact tracing, all persons entering the facility will log the date and entry/exit time, and a way to be contacted if info is not already on file, as well as email us if you have tested positive after visiting FAB.
  4. Practice social distancing and remain 6 or more feet apart from others unless you are members of the same household.
  5. Capacity Limits during private lessons (by appointment only) – To minimize contact, no person may be in the club except for the coach and the student unless the student is a minor, in which case a parent/guardian must also be present. To abide USA Fencing SafeSport policies, if an adult cannot accompany the minor and stay to observe the lesson, please notify us ahead or consider rescheduling.
  6. Capacity Limits during group activities – We are allowing a capacity of up to 12 fencers at one time, which is lower than the state and CDC guidelines allow for the size of our room. For youth fencers, please drop off if possible, as we may have to lower the class size to allow for parents to stay and watch. Please do not bring a group and other siblings to observe/wait.
  7. Wash hands for 20 seconds with soap and water before and after training. Hand sanitizer is also available.
  8. The locker rooms are off-limits for changing or for storing clothing or towels. Lockers may only contain shoes, cords, masks, and weapons. Other small personal items may be allowed on a case-by-case basis.
  9. All uniforms, gloves, and underarm protectors must be taken home at the end of every practice, and clean items used in the next practice. If you do not have some or all of your own equipment, a sign-out and deposit system will be in place for uniform items, and those fencers will be responsible for cleaning and returning the items.
  10. High-contact surfaces are disinfected often, including doorknobs, light switches, telephone receivers, chairs, tables and counters, refrigerator handles, sink and toilet handles, scoring machine buttons and cable ends, ice packs, keyboards/desk, and any other surfaces that may have been touched.
    • Other high-contact items have been removed from the club to reduce incidence of surface spread, such as balls, toys, and magazines.
    • The water fountain is off-limits for direct drinking – bring your own water in a resealable unbreakable container and remember to bring the water bottle home.
    • The office is off-limits to non-staff except in an emergency (e.g. to get an ice-pack).

We look forward to seeing our members and families return to practice, to fence! FAB appreciates your continued patronage through the pandemic crisis, and hope that you will gladly cooperate with the timing and policies to ensure the health and safety of everyone in our FAB Family!