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2021-2022 USA Fencing National and Regional Qualifying Tournaments Schedule – Under Construction! Please be patient as this page is updated.

Many links and resources on the first tab are current and relevant. Please see for schedule and for registration and deadline info.


2020-2021 USA Fencing National and Regional Qualifying Tournaments Schedule

Due to the COVID-19 global and local health crisis, any of the events on the tabs below may be postponed or canceled as per CDC and USA Fencing guidelines of social and physical distancing. It is essential to click each event link to learn venue safety requirements and capacity limits for each event, and to get updated information about registration deadlines or rescheduling of these events. Stay healthy! Check the USA Fencing National Schedule tab for info on NAC events, as dates, locations, and event combinations are subject to change. National events are not mixed in with the list of regional categories by age.

The 2020-2021 season begins August 1, 2020. Fencers born in 2006 and 2007 are age-eligible to fence in Y14, Cadet, Junior, and Senior events. Please check all tabs that apply to your age group. Click here to jump to the calendar format. 

2020-2021 Age Class Eligibility Rules apply to all USA Fencing-sanctioned tournaments through July 31, 2021.
USA Fencing 2019-2020 Athlete Handbook | USA Fencing Rulebook

Calendar is combined all ages by default – To view Youth, Cadet/Junior, or Senior/Veteran Schedules, select/deselect options in the Menu at top-right of Calendar. Click on each event for link to register, deadlines, events hosted, and location and venue info, or use tabs on this page.