Adult Fencing Programs

Unleash Your Inner Swashbuckler with Adult Intro to Fencing at Fencing Academy of Boston!

Ever dreamt of dueling like a musketeer or wielding a rapier with finesse? Now is your chance! Step off the treadmill and into the thrilling world of fencing with FAB’s Adult Intro to Fencing Classes. It’s time to turn your swashbuckling dreams into a reality, challenge your mind, and discover a workout that’s anything but ordinary.

Why Fencing?

Fencing isn’t just a sport; it’s a symphony of strategy, skill, and athleticism. Whether you’re seeking a unique workout, a mental challenge, or a dynamic new hobby, fencing offers it all. Plus, it’s a timeless art that welcomes all ages!

Who Should Join?

Our Adult Intro to Fencing Classes are designed for ages 15 and above – whether you’re a total beginner or have dabbled in fencing fantasies, this class is your gateway to the piste. No prior experience required!

What to Expect:

  • Expert Guidance: Led by experienced coaches, our classes ensure a solid foundation in fencing techniques.
  • Fun and Fitness: Say goodbye to mundane workouts! Fencing is a dynamic and engaging full-body exercise that challenges both body and mind.
  • Equipment Provided: No need to invest in gear right away – we’ve got the essentials covered.

En Garde! Ready? Fence!

Adult Beginner FencingFirst Class is a Free Trial! Check it out!
Introductory Fencing Instruction for Adults and Teens 15+

Adult Intro Fencing classes Boston

You have always wanted to try fencing! Find out what fencing is all about in FAB’s Adult Intro to Fencing Classes! Get off the treadmill and find your exciting new workout, challenge your mind, and follow your swashbuckling dreams. Ages 15+

Footwork, bladework, coordination and agility exercises, drills, and practice bouting. Please contact us ahead of your visit for more info and to be added to the roster. Call 617-924-4466 or email to: May be repeated.

Equipment provided for beginners to borrow. May be repeated.
FIRST CLASS FREE – Sign up for your Free Trial Beginner Class!

Ready to Enlist?

Adult Beginner Fencing Classes meet once a week for 7 weeks:

FOIL Intro Class: Register Here
Saturdays 11:30am – 1:00pm 

Open Fencing – SABER: Monthly Membership or Private Class

Tuesdays 8:00-10:00pmThursdays 8:00-10:00pm

Check this out:What is Fencing?” Learn about the different targets and strategies used when fencing either saber or foil. Adult Intro instruction offered in Saber and Foil – start fencing and explore either or both weapons!

Why Fencing Academy of Boston?

At FAB, we’re more than a fencing academy; we’re a community of enthusiasts passionate about the art of fencing. Our coaches are dedicated to fostering a love for the sport while ensuring you have a blast every step of the way.

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Fence!

Embark on your fencing journey with Fencing Academy of Boston’s Adult Intro to Fencing Classes. Unleash your potential, challenge yourself, and let the thrill of the piste become your new adventure.

Private CLASS
Start learning to fence on your own schedule

Adult Fencing Lesson

Regular private lessons are encouraged for any fencing student from beginner to competitive experience. Supplement your intro class with personalized instruction and attention to accelerate your progress.

Available by appointment. 20-, 30-, or 60-minute duration – or longer!

Discounts for FAB Members

Private Group Classes for 2 or more can also be arranged.
Learn to fence in your own private class with a family member or group of friends.

Available by appointment, 60-minute duration minimum.


Membership in USA Fencing is required to fence at Fencing Academy of Boston.

USA Fencing Free Trial Membership 14 free days of membership for first-time fencers ONLY – form also available when you arrive.

Full Annual Membership in USA Fencing at the Non-Competitive level is the minimum requirement for fencers continuing after the trial membership expires (14 days).

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