Benefits of a Fencing Academy of Boston Membership include:

  •      Discounts on Private Fencing Lessons

  •      Discounts on Equipment Orders

  • Family Rates and Teen Competitive Rates

  • Unlimited Use of Fencing Academy of Boston Facilities for Open Fencing and personal development during Club hours for members 15 and up

Membership runs from September 1-August 31

Fencing Academy of Boston Membership is on annual or monthly term for fencers 15 and up.

FAB Membership for each additional family member of one full-paid primary member is 50% off the annual or monthly rate.

FAB Youth/Teen Membership for fencers 15+ currently enrolled in Competitive Cadet/Junior is 50% of the annual or monthly rate. Youth fencers under 15 who are not in the Competitive program do not qualify for club membership and may not attend open fencing nights. Teen fencers 15+ who are not in the Competitive Cadet/Junior program do not qualify for discounted membership.

Temporary or short-term memberships available.

Open Fencing Nights – Foil: Mondays/Wednesdays | Saber: Tuesdays/Thursdays | 8-10pm ** If you are not a current member (i.e. new to us and not yet in contact with our current members), please email us first. It is not allowed (due to COVID-19 restrictions) or advised to show up without notice, due both to capacity limits and some sporadic attendance where we may cancel some nights of open fencing, and will not be posted on our website or social media. Please be patient with us during these interesting times. 

Please read our COVID-19 policies to provide a safe and hygienic environment for our students, staff, and visitors. This includes information about borrowing equipment and other questions you may have prior to your first visit.

Membership in USA Fencing is required to fence at Fencing Academy of Boston.

Please sign up here: USA Fencing Membership

FAB Registration Form

FAB Code of Conduct