Fencing Camp Registration Form

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Early Bird Discount: Register Before June 01, 2024, for Only $400!

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Fencer Requirements

General Sessions – Beginners Welcome!
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Emergency Contact

Please provide an alternative contact person in case of emergency. Emergency contacts must be over the age of 18 and capable of caring for the child if you are unavailable.

Waiver and Consent Form

Place "sign" in the space after reading each paragraph to indicate your acceptance.
Fencing, like any athletic activity, involves physical exertion and risk of injury. Fencers and spectators assume the risk of any injury or medical condition arising from their participation in fencing at Fencing Academy of Boston.
I understand and appreciate that participation in a sport carries a risk to me or the minor under my guardianship of serious injury, including permanent paralysis or death. Intending to be legally bound, I hereby release for myself, any minor under my guardianship, heirs, executors, and administrators, any and all rights and claims for damages against the Fencing Academy of Boston, its sponsors, coaches, instructors, officials, members, guests, associates, investors, and other participants, and the United States Fencing Association, for any and all injuries or loss or damages incurred as a result of participation in the Fencing Academy of Boston fencing program or any use of its facilities.
I have read and accept my responsibility and any minor under my guardianship’s responsibility to abide by the Fencing Academy of Boston’s Code of Conduct attached hereto.
I grant permission to Fencing Academy of Boston to use, reproduce, distribute and/or publicize my photographic likeness and/or the photographic likeness of the minor under my guardianship with or without identification. Publication, use and distribution of any photographic likeness of myself or my child or ward may be by any means and in any media, including brochures, pamphlets, instructional materials, newspapers, magazines, television, books, social media, Internet, and web pages. I understand that consent is voluntary and may be revoked in writing at any time.

Signatures Above

Signatures above indicate that the above information is true and correct, that the required fees will be paid, and the Assumption of Risk, Waiver of Liability, and Consent to the Code of Conduct are agreed to and accepted by me on my behalf or on behalf of a minor under my guardianship