How Fencing Can Benefit Your Kid to Get a College Scholarship

As parents, we all want the best for our children, including the best education. However, the cost of college education can be a significant burden. One way to alleviate this financial stress is through scholarships. While academic scholarships are common, sports scholarships, such as those for fencing, are often overlooked. This article will explore how fencing can benefit your child in securing a college scholarship.

The Popularity of Fencing in Colleges

Fencing is a sport that is gaining popularity in colleges across the United States. According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), there are currently over 45 colleges and universities that offer fencing scholarships (NCAA, 2021). This number is expected to grow as more institutions recognize the benefits of this sport.

Benefits of Fencing

Physical Fitness

Fencing is a physically demanding sport that requires agility, strength, and endurance. It can help improve your child’s overall fitness, which is a key factor in maintaining good health.

Mental Agility

Fencing is often referred to as “physical chess” because it requires strategic thinking and quick decision-making skills. These mental skills can be beneficial in academic performance as well.

Discipline and Focus

Like any sport, fencing requires discipline and focus. These traits can translate into better study habits and increased academic performance, making your child a more attractive candidate for scholarships.

How Fencing Can Lead to a Scholarship

Colleges and universities often offer scholarships to athletes who excel in their sport. Fencing is no exception. Here are some ways fencing can help your child secure a scholarship:

  • Excellence in Fencing: If your child excels in fencing, they may be eligible for a scholarship based on their athletic performance. Many colleges and universities offer athletic scholarships to attract top talent.

  • Leadership Skills: Fencing is a sport that requires leadership and teamwork. If your child demonstrates these skills on the fencing team, they may be considered for a leadership scholarship.

  • Academic Performance: As mentioned earlier, the skills learned in fencing can translate into better academic performance. Many colleges and universities offer scholarships to student-athletes who excel acadically.

Case Study: Columbia University Fencing Scholarships

Columbia University is one of the many institutions that offer fencing scholarships. According to their website, they offer both athletic and academic scholarships to deserving students. In 2020, several members of their fencing team were awarded scholarships based on their athletic performance and academic achievements (Columbia University, 2020).


Fencing can provide your child with numerous benefits, from physical fitness to mental agility. More importantly, it can open doors to college scholarships. By encouraging your child to participate in fencing, you are not only supporting their physical and mental development but also increasing their chances of securing a college scholarship.


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